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Record with the Teleprompter - iPhone, iPad or Android
Record with the Teleprompter - iPhone, iPad or Android

Stop rambling and speak clearly on camera! Use a teleprompter to sound confident and get your message across in your next video.

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👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The duration limit of your video depends on your subscription: 9 minutes for Free and Starter Plans, 59 minutes for Pro and Teams

📶 Which devices support this feature? Use any device: iOS and Android.

Fast talker? no problem!

Control the speed and size of the text on the teleprompter so you can read like a natural.

Let’s get started.

Open your app, create a new script using the AI Script Generator or from scratch as detailed here.

Once your script is ready, click on the camera icon in the script screen to enter into the Teleprompter.

Once clicking on Camera button, some popups will appear to let BIGVU Access Speech Recognition, Camera and Microphone.

👀 Want to go Live on your Social Channel using the Teleprompter?

Live Streaming is just a click away!

Teleprompter Settings

Having the correct settings allows you to feel comfortable and natural while reading from the teleprompter. Change the size of the text box, font size, speed and scroll position (1) and also more advanced settings (2). To learn more, go to the Teleprompter Settings guide.

💡Pro Tip: From the Teleprompter screen you can always return to the scripting screen to edit your script if needed, simply tap the x icon or the edit button!

Start Recording

Last but not least, Rotate your phone if you want your video displayed in landscape or portrait. To learn more 👉 Link to Horizontal or vertical recording

When you’re ready to record while reading your script from the teleprompter, tap the record button

After a 5 second countdown the text will begin to scroll and the camera will begin recording. Tap the record button again to stop at any time.

If the scrolling speed is not right, adjust it while recording by pressing on the Plus or Minus buttons (1). The new speed rate will be saved for the next take.

You can also switch between your front and back camera before or during your recording by clicking the reverse camera icon (2)

I’ve finished recording, now what?

When your take is finished, you can re-record by tapping new take. If you are satisfied with the recording it’s time to learn how to use BIGVU’s features to edit the video into a masterpiece. 👉 to go further: Video Editing and Styling

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