Horizontal or vertical recording
Film in any way you want with BIGVU. You can easily film horizontally or vertically!
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With BIGVU you can film any way you like, whether it's vertical or horizontal.

1. Decide if you want your video displayed landscape or portrait.

2. Click on the camera icon to open the teleprompter.

3. Make sure that the positioning is good.

If you are recording horizontally - you should position yourself close to the camera.

If you are recording vertically - you should position yourself in the middle of the screen.

You should be able to read your text from where you stand.

The text should also appear in this position so that your eyes don't travel while you read.

Keep your eyes always on the first line so you’re looking directly at your audience.

4. Set up your teleprompter.

5. Hit record.

  • You can also change the aspect ratio after recording and crop your video.

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