Getting Started

Start your BIGVU journey here. Learn about key features.

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Plans, Billing and Subscription

Compare Plans, Upgrade, Cancel, Manage payments for Apple Store, Android & BIGVU Web

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Video Scripting

Stay focused on camera with a video script created by AI

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Teleprompter - Settings,Tips & Tricks

Film using the BIGVU teleprompter. Change the settings of the teleprompter to match you, so that all of your videos turn out perfect everytime.

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Trim takes & Merge clips

Cut, trim, join and combine videos into a final video

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Video Editing and Styling

Automatic Captions, Music, Logo, Branding, Green Screen Background, Titling

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Share your video

Download, Link, Embed, Post to social media channels, Download to your phone

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BIGVU Pages - Creating a video landing page

Share a link to a page with your video, brand, contact details and get replies

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Collaborate with your Team or Guests

With BIGVU collaborate with your team or external collaborators in a shared workspace and work efficiently!

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Equipment for high quality videos

Use some basic video equipment to take your videos to the next level.

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Become a BIGVU Partner

Share Tips, Build Connections, Become an Affiliate

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Interactive Video by BIGVU

Extend the impact of your video content with new types of engagement that promote brand loyalty, instant purchases and sharing.

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Where to find us ?

All BIGVU Social Channels and BIGVU contacts

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