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Teleprompter Settings- iPhone, iPad or Android devices
Teleprompter Settings- iPhone, iPad or Android devices

Learn how to control the scroll position, speed & font size of the text on the teleprompter so you can read like a natural.

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Personalize your teleprompter! Feel comfortable while reading from the teleprompter by adjusting the various settings. Adjust the text size, speed, and add an external microphone.

Basic Teleprompter Settings

You can find the basic teleprompter settings icons along the bottom of the screen.

  • Resize

    Resize lets you widen or narrow down the text window so that you can position the text under the camera according to the size of your screen. Position the text near the camera lens and resize the text window as narrow as possible.

    This allows you to look directly at the camera- so no one will know you are reading a script!

  • Font Size

    Increase and decrease the font size so you can read easily, without squinting or narrowing your eyes.

  • Speed

    Use the speed slider to adjust the scrolling speed and pace yourself as you read the text. You will be able to change the scrolling speed even while recording.

  • Start point

    Use the Start Point button to choose where the text will start scrolling. This is handy if you made a mistake on your previous take. You can start reading the script just before your mistake and record a new take; there is no need to start from the beginning.

    Edit the takes and merge the best cuts into a sequence for the final video.

  • Exposure

    Exposure controls how bright or dark the light in your recording will be If the light changes randomly in your video, or it becomes too dark, try locking exposure so the camera doesn’t change it automatically when starting a new recording. Make sure that there is enough light on your face—you are your video’s main focus!

Teleprompter - Advanced Settings

Once you understand the basics of the teleprompter, make sure to explore the advanced settings to really look like pro. Tap the top right icon to access the advanced settings

  • [Camera Quality]

    Define the quality video resolution you want for your Front Facing Camera and Rear Camera Facing while recording. Depending on what your device supports, BIGVU provides 4K resolution for Pro💎 subscribers.

  • [Automatic Teleprompter Stop]

    This setting automatically stops the recording at the end of the script text. No need to press stop when your script finishes scrolling.

  • [Pause on Silence]

    Do you need to take a breather while reading your script? The pause on silence feature pauses the scrolling when no audio is detected by the microphone of your device. This allows you to keep the camera recording while you’re not reading, and restart as soon as you start speaking.

  • In this settings screen, you will also find 2 other parameters: [Teleprompter Speed] if you want to adjust the speed for each line according to the number of words, and also [Words Per Minute] which is the same as the Speed parameter in the Teleprompter screen.

Other Advanced settings

Android devices

iOS devices

[Text Position]

Set your camera position to display scrolling text in a specific position based on that location. You can choose Left, Center or Right


[Silence Mode]

This setting puts your device in silent mode while recording, you will not be disturbed during your recording.




Connect a Bluetooth Remote controller to start and stop scrolling and increase/decrease the speed of the teleprompter from a distance.

[Camera Stabilizer]


This feature allows the camera to stabilize during recording for a better result

[Enable Live Streaming]


Stream live to LinkedIn, Facebook, or Youtube using the BIGVU Teleprompter.

Look cool and natural while going live by using the BIGVU teleprompter.

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