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Record with the Teleprompter- Web

Use a Teleprompter to organize your thoughts, speak clearly and confidently. Read from a script while simultaneously recording your video.

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Don't sound like you're thinking about what to say on camera. Forget all the awkward pauses and rambling. Read your script from the BIGVU teleprompter and keep your eyes on the camera as you speak clearly while recording.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The duration limit of your video depends on your subscription: 9 minutes for Free and Starter Plans, 59 minutes for Pro and Teams

📶 Which devices support this feature? Use any web browser to access the Teleprompter

Teleprompter Location

Open your account at Click on "New Script" and create your script as detailed here. If you are already logged in, head to:

Once your script is finalized, choose "Read and Record"

👀 Need time to practice?

You can use the Read Only feature to open the teleprompter without recording it!

👀 Want to go Live on your Social Channel using the Teleprompter?

Live Streaming is just a click away!

Camera & Microphone Permissions

When prompted by your browser, allow to access your camera and microphone.

Teleprompter Settings

Having the correct settings allows you to feel comfortable and natural while reading from the teleprompter. Change font size, speed, and scroll position. To learn more, go to the Teleprompter Settings guide.

Start Recording

All set! Now, smile and click the Record button to start recording your take. To end the video, simply reselect the Record button.

Pause Recording on Desktop

If you need to pause, just press your spacebar and resume using the same button

Upload and Download from Desktop

After recording, a dialog box showing a preview of the video will open.

From here, you have the option to upload and save the video to your project.

  1. Upload to Project

    • Your video will be saved and available on both the web platform and mobile App

  2. Download .webm | Download .mp4

    • Directly save your video to your device with your preferred file format

  3. Record Again

    • You also have the option to Record Again. Your previous video will be saved as a take in the project file.

❗Note: It is advisable to upload a video before downloading it in mp4 because downloading directly from a local take can be very long and requires a stable internet connection.

Once the project is saved, the browser will refresh the Projects Page.

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