1. Connect your Social Channels Accounts to BIGVU

In order to connect your Social Channels to BIGVU please read this FAQ article:

2. After you are connected, in order to be able to Go Live in your Social Channel, you need to "Enable Live Streaming" in Settings. Select Profile icon at the bottom of the Project Screen (1) and then put ON for "Enable Live Streaming" in Settings (2).

3. Then you can open a new project by clicking on the cross icon at the bottom of the screen (3). You can Record directly: 'Record No Script' or select 'New Script' to write a script and use Teleprompter during your record (4).

Note, If you click on "New Script" you can write your script and then open the Record Screen by selecting the Camera icon.

4. The Record Screen opens. You can Go Live by clicking on "Live" button.

5. You need in this step to Select the Social Channel wher you want to Go Live and write a Post if you wish.

6. By clicking on the previous screen "Start Live Video" : the live record starts. Once you finish, you need to click on the red button at the bottom of the screen and a Congratulation screen will open. Then you will see your video menu.

7. At any time, you will find your video recorded in your Project Screen.

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