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Video Editing and Styling
Video Editing and Styling

Automatic Captions, Music, Logo, Branding, Green Screen Background, Titling

What are Open Captions (Burned-in Captions)?Subtitles can be Open (Burned-in) or Closed, what's the difference?
What are Closed Captions?Subtitles can be Closed or Open (Burned-in), what's the difference?
How to style my videos in the BIGVU Apps?Style your videos to make them look professional! Add a logo, captions, music, lower 3rd title, business card and more!

Choosing a video to edit (Web)How to choose a specific take to edit on the web? What are the different types of projects?
Video Maker Overview - Style your video (Web)How to use BIGVU's online editing tool ; Video Maker, Add Captions or Lower Third, Style your video with your brand...
Import and Upload an external video (Web)Import your video from the computer, write your narration, add captions, edit segments and style it using the Video Maker.
Replace the background (Web)Film with a green background, then easily change your background to any image or video!
Choose different layouts per scene (Web)With BIGVU, choose between 6 different Layouts for your video: Captions, Lower Third, Quote, Highlight, Intro or Split
Change aspect ratio (Web)Crop and resize your video so it fits the aspect ratio that is best suited for the platform you are using: square, horizontal or vertical.
Add business logo (Web)Brand your videos with your business logo. Make your videos instantly recognizable
Add background music (Web)Add a music to your videos to add an emotional touch
Add business card (Web)Add your business card - email, phone number and other contact details to your video, or learn to change your business details
Add Intro & Outro to your video (Web)In the Video Maker, you can add your Business Card or a video as an Intro or Outro of your Video.
Upload and add external photos, videos, and music (Web)Easily upload your own visuals and music to the Media Library to customize your videos.
Add photos and video overlays to your video (Web)Easily upload your pictures and videos using the web and edit them with the online video editing tool: the Video Maker.
How to do a voiceover on a videoCreate a Professional Voice-Over for Your Video with BIGVU Teleprompter
AI Zoom Effect (Web)
AI Image GeneratorPersonalize Your Videos with Stunning AI-Generated Backgrounds!