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Adjust your camera & mic. Learn how to choose scroll position, font size & speed for optimal results.

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Personalize your teleprompter! Feel comfortable while reading from the teleprompter by adjusting the various settings. Adjust the text size, speed, and add an external microphone.

Set Camera & Mic

Click on the Set Camera & Mic button to choose the camera and microphone. You can use an external webcam or microphone as long as they are selected in the BIGVU settings

Teleprompter configuration settings

This area of the Teleprompter screen shows various configuration settings that can help you adjust the scroll position (1), font size (2), and teleprompter speed (3)

Scroll Position

Choose where you want to start reading your script.

💡Pro Tip: This is particularly useful when you want to retake only part of your video. Mumbled a word or had an awkward pause. Simply re-record that portion of your video by choosing the start position. You can later combine your different takes using the BIGVU sequencer.

Font Size

How big or small do you like your teleprompter text? Click on the font size button to control the font size.

💡Pro Tip: First, choose the distance that you will be recording your video from. Only then, choose your font size. Make sure you can read the text from where you plan to record the video

Teleprompter Speed

Are you a fast talker? Or maybe your words lag a little? Make sure you are speaking clearly by choosing the teleprompter speed.

Are your settings all set? Give it a shot and record now!

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