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How to write a video script with AI or from scratch
How to write a video script with AI or from scratch

Create a script for your video using AI technology or from scratch

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Creating a clear and convincing script is key to a polished video. Having a script helps you organize your thoughts and stay focused on the camera. Better yet, when you read your script from the Teleprompter you maintain eye contact with your audience and speak clearly with confidence.

This article guides you through creating a script in BIGVU. Welcome! 🧭

AI script or from Scratch?

We'll explain your two options for creating a script:

Script with AI Magic Writer

Generate a tailor-made video script from just a few short words

Mobile App- Where is the AI Magic Writer?

In your mobile app, click on the "+" button in the center of the bottom menu and choose "AI Magic Writer"

Web Platform- Where is the AI Magic Writer?

Log in and click on the "New Script" button on the Projects page to get started.

Go ahead and enter the "Title of the script". This will be the name of your entire video project. Click on the "AI Rewrite Button" to access the AI Magic Writer

Which scripts can I create using the AI Magic Writer?

With a few simple prompts, you can create a script in seconds using AI. Here are your options for AI scripts:

Do I need to pay for the AI Magic Writer?

The number of scripts you can create depends on your subscription plan.

  • Free Plan: 3 AI scripts in total.

  • Starter Plan: 10 AI scripts per month

  • AI Pro and Teams: Unlimited

Can I edit the AI Magic Writer Script?

Absolutely! We’ll generate a few suggestions, but you can edit your chosen script as much as you’d like.

Is the script personalized?

Absolutely! Yes, your script is unique to you. We use a combination of your input, OpenAI, and BIGVU technology.

Write a script from Scratch

Write your own script, upload it (only in iOs), or copy and paste it into the script input box

Mobile App- Enter your own script

  • Click on the "+" button in the center of the bottom menu and choose "New Script"

  • Enter your Project title (1). This will also be the name of the video you create from the script. Go ahead and type in your own script (2) or upload an existing script into the text box (3)

    👀The upload option is currently available only on the iOs mobile app

  • The clock icon (1) will indicate how long your recording will take based on the word per minute set in the Teleprompter settings (default: 150 words per minute). Save (2) your script for later, or press the camera button (3) at the bottom of your screen to start recording your video while simultaneously reading the script from the teleprompter.

Congrats! You've created your first script! 🥳

Web Platform- Enter your script

  • Head over to and log in. Click on the "New Script" button on the project page

  • Enter your script's headline (1). This will later be the name of your entire project.

Type or copy and paste your script in the script box (2)

When you are satisfied with your script, you can:

  • Read & Record (1): Read your script from the teleprompter while recording.

  • Read Only (2): Practice reading your script from the teleprompter without recording.

    👀 Your microphone and camera will be off while you practice reading your script

  • Live Stream (3): Read from the teleprompter while broadcasting live on social media.

  • Save (4): Change out of your pajamas and record your script when you're ready!

Congrats! You've created your first script! 🥳

Once a script is saved or recorded with a teleprompter, it will appear on the projects page. Look for the scroll icon (1) to confirm that this project is a script project. Click on the three dots (2) under the video thumbnail if you would like to edit your script.

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