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Style your video: with captions (Mobile)
Style your video: with captions (Mobile)

Add automatic subtitles, Change aspect ratio, Crop, Logo, Background Music, and an animated Business Card as a captivating outro.

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Make your video stand out by styling with ratios, captions, logos, music, intros/outros, and an animated business card.

The following article explains the flow of styling your video with auto-subtitles on the mobile app.

View this article to style your video without subtitles on the mobile app

View here to learn how to style your video on the web platform

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to Starter, Ai Pro, and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on iOS and Android devices

Follow these steps to style your video with subtitles (captions):

Record or Import a video

  • Create or Import your video by clicking on the "+" icon in the center of the bottom menu

  • Then, on the projects page, select the video you want to edit

Add Captions

💡Pro Tip: Take into consideration that you can either add a Lower 3rd title OR Captions, not both. A lower third is a titling caption that appears on the bottom third of the screen.

  • On the next screen, (1) select any Magic Style option on the bottom

  • Choose (2) Style with Captions

  • Choose if you want the (3) Auto Highlight. If not, select "No Thanks"

Resize- Aspect Ratio

💡Pro Tip: To fully edit your video, simply click "Next" at each step. However, if you only want to focus on a particular step, you can select it from the icon bar at the bottom without completing all the steps

The first step of the workflow is (1) changing the ratio of your video. Choose the ratio based on where you plan to share your video:

  • 16:9 (horizontal): This is the standard YouTube aspect ratio.

  • 1:1 (square): With the length and width of the video being equal, this is best for social media platforms like Instagram.

  • 9:16 (Vertical): Vertical videos (YouTube shorts, Facebook Reels) are growing in popularity. This is optimal for users who are typically on their mobile phones.

On the bottom of the screen, choose the (2) crop option to center the screen as you wish.

When you have sized the video to your liking, tap Next.

👀 Note: If you click "Crop" directly in the sidebar, your video will be cropped to the last format selected.

Interesting to know: When you crop a video, an AI tool from BIGVU automatically crops your video intelligently, centered on the speaker.

Captions Design Theme

Now choose the Theme for the Captions (1)

Each theme has a different font and color scheme, (2) Select a theme and hit Save


Next, press "Logo" (3) to add your logo

On the logo screen, upload a new logo or use an existing saved logo (4)

Use the slider to choose the size of the logo as it will be displayed in your video.

Once done, tap Save and Next on the top right to continue editing.

Background Music

Add (1) royalty-free background music and (2) boost the audio if necessary due to noisy surroundings or if you are a soft speaker

Outro or Intro

You can also (3) add an intro or outro to your video. For these, you can choose to include an animated business card or upload a separate video

Business Card as an Intro or Outro

Adding a Business card allows you to showcase your business information to your audience. You can include your own logo, company name, email address, website, and even your social media handles!

Edit your Captions

At this stage, you can now edit your caption and change the layout of each scene!

To edit your Captions, just click the CC button with an arrow on the right side of each scene and select option (1) Edit Words. Now you can edit the subtitles of this scene.

Edit Words

It is super easy to edit your captions. We automatically detect scenes, and you can choose to edit the captions per scene.

Highlight a specific part of the caption, by inserting a star (*) or slash (/) at the beginning and end of the part you wish to highlight. You can automatically highlight keywords on iOS devices. See here for more information.

Layout and Zoom effect

  • We have the ability to choose for each scene one of the Layout: Captions, Lower Third, Quote, Highlight, Intro, or Split

  • Zoom Effect - add zoom to some scenes, you can select if you want to add an effect and transition on your scenes

Segment Editor

Did your captions get cut off in the middle of a sentence? Are there too many captions appearing at once because the segment is too long? Segments allow you to edit the segment duration. See here for detailed instructions.

Save Video

After editing the captions, you can tap on Save and press Make Video to Save all the Video Styles you added. Your edited video will be added as a new take on your Project!

Translate Subtitles

  • In the video maker (3)Tap the 3 dots on the top right side of the screen and then, (4) select Translate Subtitles

  • (1) Tap the translate into another language button

  • Once the Select Languages page shows up, choose the (2) original speech language and the (3) language you want your subtitles to be translated to

  • (4) Press Create Subtitles once finalized

💡 You can translate up to 20 languages in one click!

  • Wait for the subtitles to generate and once finished, you'll see the translated subtitles available

  • (5) Tap Open to edit the video using the chosen subtitle

Preview of a translated subtitle vs the original subtitle

  • You're ready to go global with your multilingual video! Continue editing, or go ahead and share your video with the world! 🎉

Once done, you can now download or share your video to your Social Media channels

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