Choosing a video to edit (Web)

How to choose a specific take to edit on the web? What are the different types of projects?

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So you've recorded your video, and you're ready to make it look super professional with all of BIGVU's premium styling tools. In this article, we will guide you through finding the correct starting point for your editing needs

Project Page

All your projects are available on the main project page. This is the first page you will encounter when logging in. You can also access the page directly from the left-hand toolbar.

Script Project

This is the original folder of your project where the unedited takes are located. It has a scroll symbol, indicating it's a script project.

Edit a Script Project

Click on the 3 dots and select Edit

Sequence Project

After clicking on Edit, you will be taken to the sequencer page. Here, you can choose to combine several takes, reorganize them, or combine them. Learn more here

Once you have finished creating a sequence, a new Sequence Project will be created. The project will appear as a new take in the list.

Select the sequence project you want to edit, click the three dots, and choose Open Video Maker. In the video maker, you can access our advanced styling features- captions, themes, music, and more!

Video Maker Project

Once you edit a video in the video maker, you will be able to find it back on the main project page. You can tell that is is an edited project, by seeing the movie clip icon on that project.

Edit a Video Maker Project

Click on the 3 dots and select Edit which will direct you to Video Maker

Questions on locating your video?

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