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Film with a green background, then easily change your background to any image or video!

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Capture your video against the stunning backdrop of the New York skyline or a tropical beach! With the use of a green screen or without it, you have the flexibility to customize your background as you desire. You can select an image or even an interactive background to make your video even more captivating.

👥 Who can access this feature? Starter, AI Pro, and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the web platform and mobile app

👀 Please note:

  • Before recording a video, see this article for best practices: Green Screens

  • Make sure to change the green background before styling your video

  • You can only change the green screen background in videos under 1 GB size (about 9 minutes)

  • For how to change the green screen on your mobile app, see here

Choose a Video

Open your video by (1) clicking the 3 dots and selecting (2) Edit

Click on the 3 dots of the selected take and a popup opens

Select Replace Background and you can change your background to a photo or looping video from the BIGVU library or downloaded media

Choose a Background

  1. You can choose a background from the BIGVU library or even upload an image from your computer

  2. When you have chosen a background, click on "Add" at the top right of the image

  3. Upload your own background photo

💡If you're not using a Green Screen, ensure that your lighting is even and your clothing contrasts with the background color. This helps the software accurately detect the edges of your figure and create a cleaner replacement

Blur or Virtual Background

  1. Using a Green Screen? Select the option for the system to know

  2. Choose None if you don't want a change of background

  3. Click the Blur option to blur your background


After changing your background, you can now save it by clicking (4) Apply

After processing the background change, the video with the new background will appear on top of your original video as a new take.

📢 This process may take a few moments. You will receive an email or notification when your video is ready with the new background.

What next?

You can now start editing your video and open it in Video Maker

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