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Add background music (Web)

Add a music to your videos to add an emotional touch

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Adding music to your videos can take them from bland to brilliant. Not only does it increase their artistic quality, but it also adds an emotional touch that can deeply resonate with your audience. Give your videos the boost they deserve by incorporating the power of music.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to Starter, AI Pro, and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all devices. This FAQ refers to the Web platform. Learn how to add background music on mobile.

👀 Need to know:

  • The Music Bed is added for the entire video.

  • You can use BIGVU's copyright-free music selection but you can also add your own audio files under My Uploads

⚠️ By uploading your own audio files, you are obligated to make sure that you have all the relevant credentials (copyrights) for using the audio tracks.

Choose a Video

On the project screen, open the relevant video you want to add a logo to.

Select a video that you want to edit, click on the 3 dots menu (1), and choose Edit (2)

The Take Screen opens. Now, select the desired take by clicking the (3) three-dot menu located beneath its name.

A pop-up window will appear, offering you the option to choose "Open Video Maker" in order to stylize your video.

📢 When you first open the Video Maker, it may take some time to generate the captions. Please be patient. Once finished, click again on Video Maker to see the captions. (This process can take a minute)

Add a Music

  1. Go to the Style toolbar on the left side

  2. If applicable, you can enable the Boost Audio feature to minimize the background noise in your video

  3. Select your desired background music

  4. Adjust the music bed to your liking

👀 Please Note: it is important to make sure that the background music is not too loud to overpower your voice. The recommended setting for the web is to choose a ratio of 90% or higher for the voice and only 10% or fewer for the "music".

Save your Video

Once satisfied with the changes, you can now save your video by clicking the Create button on the top right side of the page

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