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What are Open Captions (Burned-in Captions)?
What are Open Captions (Burned-in Captions)?

Subtitles can be Open (Burned-in) or Closed, what's the difference?

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Captioning is the act of adding text to a video or other media, typically in order to provide additional information. This can include information such as dialogue spoken by characters in a movie or show, as well as translations for foreign language audio or descriptions of sound effects.

Captions can be open or closed. The first type is encoded in a video, while the second exists as a separate file.

Open captions are always on screen because they are an integral part of a movie or TV show. They are also called encoded or Burned-in Captions.

The main differences between Open Captions (or Burned-in captions) and Closed Captions:

Open (or Burned-in) Captions

Closed Captions

  • Encoded in a video

  • Cannot be disabled

  • Used most often on Social Media

  • Embedded in a separate file

  • Can be disabled

  • Used by carriers and streaming services

Open captions are the most common type of captioning, as they do not require any additional technology or equipment. They are embedded in the video itself and cannot be turned off. This makes them ideal for Social Media where you don’t have control over the playback settings.

Captioning can help ensure that viewers have the best possible experience, it attracts and keeps the attention of viewers even when the sound is off. Also it makes videos more accessible to a wider audience even to viewers who may have difficulty understanding audio.

Open captioning is when text is always visible on screen regardless of whether it has been turned on or off. Open captioning is often used in cases where the video content is going to be shown in a public space, such as at a movie theater or conference hall, or when the viewer may not have access to closed captioning technology.

With BIGVU, we provide users with the possibility to add subtitles to their videos in order to broadcast their video with a greater impact on their audience in Social networks. The user can choose to add subtitles in the spoken language or even in another language to allow better understanding for certain viewers.

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