• New teleprompter including "Start Point" and "Pause on Silence"

  • New Video Tips and Application Onboarding

  • Landscape mode - You can record your video horizontally by moving the phone to landscape while using the teleprompter, changing the Teleprompter settings and editing your script. If you record a video with the teleprompter and return to the teleprompter screen again, it will remain in landscape mode

  • Import videos from your device into BIGVU for adding captions and additional editing options.


  • New Business Card Animation for all users Free and Premium


  • Composer - Style your captions from the comfort of your desktop

  • Account Settings including preferences for notifications and emails

  • Sequences - assemble video takes into a longer video

  • Video Thumbnails - Add a customized cover to your BIGVU videos

General updates:

  • Amplify your message with the NEW AUDIO BOOST from BIGVU.
    If you recorded from a distance using the microphone of your mobile device, there is a high chance that background noise is present, and audio levels are not optimized. When you activate BOOST AUDIO, BIGVU will process the audio using Artificial Intelligence, remove background noise and maximize audio levels to amplify your message. It’s that simple. Try it out today when you style your video on your iPhone, Android or the BIGVU Desk.

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