Let’s learn how to build a video landing page using your mobile.

1. To start, open your BIGVU App and select the Projects button (bottom left).

A list of all your projects will appear on the Projects page.

2. Select the project you wish to work with and click on it to view its details. Pick the Take that you will use for your landing page.

3. In the menu of your Video, click on "Edit Video Page"

4. You will see a welcome screen with a short presentation video, click on "Create a page" to start the process.

4. Edit the Page Heading and Page Text that your audience will see on your landing page. Then click on "Next"

5. You can choose if you want a Call to Action (CTA) button that will appear on the landing page. if you want to add a CTA button, add your details related to the chosen button. Once done, click on "Next".

6. In this step you can add your logo, choose a logo you have already downloaded or upload one. You can now "Publish" your page.

7. Once finished, a copy of your BIGVU page will show up on the list of finished video pages. You can access this screen in "Profile" --> "Video Landing Pages"

8. When you have displayed all the list of your Pages, you can select one and access to its menu in order to edit it.

  • If you click in the menu on "Change Template" you will be able to Change the Template and edit your Template (logo/Call To Action button mainly) by clicking on the Setting icon.

  • "Edit Page Content" allows you to edit the text of your page.

  • You can preview your landing page by clicking on the Page and selecting "View Page".

Note: You will also be able to edit your page at any time by clicking "Edit Video Page" in the menu of your original video project, just like at the beginning of the process.

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