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How to add my Interactive Video Widget to my website?
How to add my Interactive Video Widget to my website?

With interactive video, bring more traffic to your website! Your Widget can constantly appear on the front of each website page.

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To have the possibility to add BIGVU's Interactive Video on the front of your website, BIGVU has partnered with

See how it could be displayed in BIGVU Website:

First of all, Make your Interactive Video in BIGVU: How to create an Interactive Video from the BIGVU desk ?

In order to add your Interactive Video as a Widget in your Website you need to follow these steps:

1) Open Chrome Browser and register on website.

2) Add Chrome Extension

In your Popular account, click on (1) Chrome extension, you will be able to install it (2).

3) Add your Website into

For this step, you need to :

  • (1) open a new browser tab and navigate to your site

  • (2) Launch Popupular Chrome extension

Then a popup will appeared enable you to add this website as a domain in your account.

4) After that you will find it in your account. You will see it in the section (3) Sites. In order to add a popular widget into your website, you can copy the JS Tag (4) created in Popular for your website into your website code.

5) By clicking on "View JS Tag" (4) it will open the window with the code snippet. You need to copy and insert the JS Tag created for your website by Popular (code snippet) anywhere within the <head> section of your site's source code as written in the popup.

Simply copy the provided code snippet and paste it anywhere with the header section of your site source code.

--> In your site's source code you will find the head section, and you paste the JS Tag.

Note: The JS Tag needs to be installed on each page, where you want to serve your popups.

Please note that it may take a few minutes for your code to update. You may also need to drop your browser cache.

6) Interactive Video - Embed Code in BIGVU:

In BIGVU App --> once published, Go to --> Pages Screen (5) --> in the Page created with Interactive video select "Edit Interactions" (6).

Then, into your Interactive video Settings (7), you will be able to copy the Embed Code of your Widget (8)

Note: If you want you can select Horizontal View to have the Widget in Horizontal or also in "Dark Mode".

7) Now, add your widget into your Website page.

Open in the browser the page of your website where you want to add the Widget and click on the 'Popular Extension' on the top. You will be able to Add 'POPUPS' at the bottom of the page.

8) Then, select "+ New popup" and search "BIGVU video" in the Search bar.

9) In Video Player, you can paste your Embed code from your Widget into the Video player code section.

10) Click on EMBED and the first version of your Widget will appear on your Website, you can play with playback settings, once you are satisfied click on SAVE.

Please see the result in our BIGVU Website -->

Note: You may need to drop browser cache to see changes.

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