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Getting Started with BIGVU- Web
Getting Started with BIGVU- Web

A quick tour of the BIGVU Web Platform, explaining the different screens

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BIGVU is a personal AI video studio that makes creating and sharing videos easy.

You can use the platform as a mobile app on your phone or on your desktop's web browser.

Create your script on your desktop, and then shoot it with a teleprompter from your phone. Once you are done shooting the video, you can style it and add captions on the desktop. You have complete control over when and where to use BIGVU!

Let's take a quick tour of key screens within the web platform

👥 Who can access this feature? All users can access BIGVU's web platform in addition to the mobile app.

📶 Which browers support this feature? Available on all browsers

BIGVU Web - Logging in

You can log in to the BIGVU web platform at

Project Screen

The first screen you will encounter is the "Project Screen"

The project screen is where all your scripts and recorded videos are stored. Before any projects are created, the screen will offer you to start our crash courses.

Once you start using the platform, There are two types of projects that will show up on this screen: a script project and a video project.

Script Project

A script project is created after you create a new script, either from scratch or using AI.

Once a script is saved or recorded with a teleprompter, it will appear on the projects page. Look for the scroll icon (1) to confirm that this project is a script project. Click on the three dots (2) under the video thumbnail if you would like to edit your script.

Video Project

A video project is created after you record a video on the teleprompter

On the Left Corner, you will find Navigation buttons.

These buttons enable users to access features that help in managing and creating videos.

Let’s take a look at each one.


This feature takes end users to the Projects pane. The Project pane displays scripts drafted as well as published and unpublished videos.

You can access to the BIGVU 101 Crash Course when you have less than 4 videos or even at the bottom left in your screen you will find the link to the Video Tuutorials.


This feature takes users to the Pages page where a list of BIGVU Pages is displayed.

Media Library

This feature takes users to the Media Library. The Media Library is where design assets are stored. Users have the option to upload their own assets to use in video design.

Social Channels

This takes users to the Social Channels page. The Social Channels page displays a list of all social media platforms linked to BIGVU.

Add Member

This takes users to the Add Member page. This enables the user to set up a team to collaborate when creating videos.

Now let’s move on to another section of the screen.

On the Lower Left area, you will find text links for:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Clicking this will open the BIGVU learning channel

  • Ambassadors & Affiliates: This features information for those interested to be a BIGVU affiliate or ambassador

  • Privacy and Terms: This features information on BIGVU's user terms and conditions

  • Contact Us: This features information to help users reach out to BIGVU

On the center of the Page, you will find a banner to welcome you to the Webdesk version of the Teleprompter.

It contains a guide for new users to know the fundamental steps of creating videos.

Beneath the banner is a resource for onboarding new users in creating their first video.

  • Craft Your Message

  • Style Your Video

  • Reach Your Audience

In the upper right corner, you will find the following options:

  • Connect with Experts: This will take you to the BIGVU experts page

  • Upgrade: This provides users with options to upgrade their current plan

  • Add Team Members: This provides users the option to add team members to collaborate on a project

  • Profile: This shows your profile information and settings

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