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How to create an Interactive Video from the BIGVU desk?
How to create an Interactive Video from the BIGVU desk?

Create short interactive video from the BIGVU web desk

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BIGVU Interactive Video is a Video displayed in an online Page with different interactions (such as images, call to action and polls) to engage your viewers.

What is exactly an Interactive Video ? How it can reach more audience?

This is a video with interactions that the user can click on while watching the video!

Please 👉 read this FAQ article to explain the benefits of this feature🔥

How to create a new Interactive Video?

1. Go to

2. Select the video in which you want to add Interactions. In the menu of your video you can select: "Make Interactive Video"

3. The first time you access this feature, you will need to answer a few questions about your Goals with this feature, your Job, and your Contact details.

4. Then you will have your video displayed in the center.

When you enter a project for the first time, you will find on the right side some interactions made as examples by BIGVU, you can edit them or leave them as they are.

To add new interactions, you can click on the different options on the left side.

To know what are the different possible interactions, please check this FAQ article

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