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BIGVU is your one-stop shop to script, shoot, style, and share eye-catching videos. The type that makes people say "Wow!" and watch what you have to say. Take full advantage of all of our features! Make sure you use all the support we offer:

BIGVU Tutorials

Designed to be concise yet comprehensive, our 3-part crash course covers all the fundamental aspects of using BIGVU for video creation:

BIGVU Support

Our support team is available for you every step of the way. Simply email us at or chat with us via the mobile app.

Group Orientation👥💬

New to BIGVU? Ready to unleash your video magic? Our group orientation is your ticket to creating like a pro! 😎

Learn how to:

✅ Record while reading from a teleprompter

✅ Use AI to write high-quality scripts

✅ Add stylish captions

✅ Batch share to multiple social media channels

During this intimate group meeting, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with BIGVU experts

You'll be creating videos like a boss! 💪

BIGVU for Teams- Live Orientation

🎬 Are you ready to take your team to the next level of video creation? Join us for this live session and start using BIGVU like a professional video production agency! 😎

Learn how to:

✅ Create multiple workspaces, each with its individual video projects, team members, and media library!

✅ Use AI to write high-quality scripts and assign them to team members

✅ Record while reading from a teleprompter

✅ Add stylish captions, overlays, music, branding, and more!

✅ Batch share to multiple social media channels, each connected to their individual workspace

Weekly Workshops

Join us every week on our BIGVU YouTube channel for our highly informative and engaging webinars. Designed to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge, our webinars are a must-watch for anyone interested in video production, storytelling, and content creation.

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