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Go live on Facebook and YouTube while using the BIGVU Teleprompter

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Connect with your audience by going live on social media and responding to them in real-time. Look cool and natural while going live by using the BIGVU teleprompter. Say goodbye to fumbling with your words and hello to effortless poise on camera!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to AI Pro and AI Pro Team Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on iOS and the Web platform only. This FAQ details how to go live on the web. See here how to go live on the iOS mobile app

💬 Which social media platforms? Live streaming is currently available on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn

⚠️ Beginning June 10, users must have a Facebook account that’s at least 60 days old. For creators and businesses using Pages or professional mode for profiles, users will also need at least 100 followers

Follow these steps in order to use the teleprompter while going live on social media:

Connect your Social Channels Accounts to BIGVU

Before going live, you must connect your BIGVU account to the social media accounts to which you plan on going live

See here how fixedto connect your BIGVU accounts to up to 20 social media accounts!

Create a Script Project

Click on "Projects". the first option on the left side of the page, and click on the "New Script" button. Click here to learn how to create a script using AI or from scratch

Click the Live Streaming button

After creating your script, you are ready to go live! Just click on the blue Live Streaming button, located to the right of your script box

💡Pro-tip: Use two devices - one for streaming the video, and one for monitoring live comments.

Adjust Teleprompter Settings

After clicking the Live Streaming button, the teleprompter window will open.

Learn more about the Parts and Key Features of the BIGVU Teleprompter and how to adjust the settings so that they are perfectly suited to you!

Select Destination

Choose the social media channels on which you would like to live stream. You can only select YouTube and Facebook pages on which you have admin or content permissions.

Enter your Post

Enter the title and description text for your post on the selected Social Channel. Go ahead and write the key points you'll be discussing in your live.

Start Live Video

Smile! - Click on "Start Live Video" to start the Live session. Your text will start scrolling when the connection is established with your chosen social channel. This can take 10 to 15 seconds, so be patient!

👀Important: Make sure that you have verified your YouTube channel on YouTube - you cannot begin streaming if not.

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