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Practice Reading from a Teleprompter with the Read-Only button
Practice Reading from a Teleprompter with the Read-Only button

This feature helps you rehearse your script before filming, by reading from the Teleprompter without recording

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The secret to a successful teleprompter recording is practice. As a presenter, you want to seem natural and know when to slow down or speed up your speech.

The Read-Only function will help you practice becoming a more comfortable and confident public speaker. It enables you to rehearse using a teleprompter, without recording video.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the BIGVU web platform- on any web browser

Read Only Button

Open your account at Click on "New Script" and create your script as detailed here. If you are already logged in, head to:

Once your script is finalized, choose "Read Only", This will launch the teleprompter in read-only mode.

Read Only Settings

As you are not currently recording, this is the best time to decide your preferred teleprompter settings.

Feel free to set the scroll position (1), font size (2), and speed (3) to your liking!

Ready to practice? Hit that record button to start and end your session.

👀 Remember: While accessing the Read-Only functionality, your Camera and microphone will not be turned on.

Once you are ready to begin your actual recording, simply close the Teleprompter screen and click the button Read and Record.

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