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Pivo: Auto Tracking Phone Holder and Tripod
Pivo: Auto Tracking Phone Holder and Tripod

Get 10% off any Pivo Pod and use it with BIGVU teleprompter

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Want to add movement to your videos without missing your lines?

Use the BIGVU teleprompter with Pivo Pod, an auto–face–tracking phone holder with 360-degree Rotation. Its AI-powered tracking records your every move, while BIGVU’s teleprompter ensures you never miss a line.

Special offer for BIGVU users, Get 10% off Pivo equipment:

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to AI Pro and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available to iOS devices only

Follow the steps below on how to connect your PIVO with BIGVU:

Locate PIVO

  • Press the (1) Profile button on the bottom right side

  • In your Profile, look for (2) Settings and select it

  • In settings, scroll down and press (3) Connect a Pivo Device

  • You can also watch the (4) Demo Video to learn more about the device

  • On the next page, slide the button (5) Connect a Pivo Device to start the setup

  • Enable your Bluetooth, Camera, and Microphone by pressing (6) Allow all

  • After that, your BIGVU app will start to connect with your Pivo Device

PIVO Tracking Settings

Congratulations! Your Pivo device is now connected with BIGVU 🎉

Play with the settings to:

(1) Tracking Speed

(2) Tracking Position: Choose whether Pivo should follow your head ( such as for talking videos) or body (such as for fitness or dance videos)

What's Next?

Create your script using our AI Writer and record with the teleprompter while moving freely! Your smartphone is now a videographer and teleprompter combined. Read from the scrolling script as you move freely across the room using the Pivo remote 🤳

Questions about purchasing or setting up Pivo? Please contact them at:

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