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News to Share? Generate a script with AI Magic Writer
News to Share? Generate a script with AI Magic Writer

Have exciting news to share? Generate a script to present them to the world.

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Congratulations on your exciting news! Use the BIGVU Magic AI Writer to create a script for reporting your news. Break the news in the tone of your choice and become the go-to source for the hottest trends in your industry.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The number of scripts you can generate depends on the type of plan.

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on IOS, Android, and Web

Mobile app- Create a News to Share Script

  • Click on the "+" button on the bottom of your phone

  • Choose "AI Magic Writer"

Choose "News to Share"

  • Enter Your Name (1). The name you enter will later be used in the script. Click the "Next" (2) button to move to the following screen.

    👀The name you enter will automatically update the name on your profile page

  • Enter the facts of the News (3) you would like to share. Click the "Next" (4) button to move to the following screen.

    👀The AI writer will not source current events for the script. It's up to you to supply the dry facts of what you want to share.

Your professional video script about the news is ready! Choose to edit or shoot it to the teleprompter to start recording your video!

Web Platform- Create My News Flash Script

Click on the "New Script" button on the project page.

Enter your script headline in the "Title of the script". This will be the name of your video project.

Click on the "AI Rewrite Button"

💡 My Brand Tone: Teach the AI to write like you based on your previous scripts, a sample of writing, or describing your desired writing style. See here

  1. Choose the size of your script

  2. Select your Brand Voice

  3. Choose the service "My News Flash"

  • Enter the facts of the News you would like to share in the Text box.

  • Click the "Write New" button to generate your script.

💡 You can easily access a wide range of news articles and stay informed on the latest news and trends by choosing the "Include Google Search data" option

The AI Magic Writer will then generate three proposed scripts. As you hover over a script, the below icons will appear. Choose to delete a script, add it to your script box, or add it to your whiteboard.

When you are satisfied with the script:

  • Read & Record (1): Read your script from the teleprompter while recording.

  • Read Only (2): Practice reading your script from the teleprompter without recording.

    👀 Your microphone and camera will be off while you practice reading your script

  • Live Stream (3): Read from the teleprompter while broadcasting live on social media.

  • Save (4): Change out of your pajamas and record your script when you're ready!

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