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Pitch my Business- write the script with AI
Pitch my Business- write the script with AI

Introducing your business or product to client can be nerve-wracking. Give yourself a break and let AI write the pitch for you!

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Get your business noticed by potential investors or customers. Send or post a video introducing your business or product. Showcase your passion and connect with your future clients!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The number of scripts you can generate depends on the type of plan you are on.

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on IOS, Android, and Web

💡Enable Siri on your iOS mobile device to use speech-to-text in the AI Magic Writer. Instead of typing, just say a few words! Some of your screens may differ from the steps below.

Mobile App- Create a Script to Pitch Your Business

  • Click on the "+" button on the bottom of your phone

  • Choose "AI Magic Writer"

  • Click "Let's Start"

  • Choose "Pitch My Business or Personal Profile"

  • Enter your name. The name you enter will later be used in the script. (1)

  • 👀: The name you enter will automatically update the name on your profile page.

  • Click Next (2) to progress to the next screen.

  • Tell us about your company or product (3)- whatever you want to sell.

  • It's best to enter facts about your company or product. Enter between 10-200 characters. Click Next (4) to progress to the next screen.

  • After a few seconds, your sales pitch script will be ready! Choose to edit the script or go ahead and shoot it to the teleprompter. Read your sales pitch from the teleprompter while simultaneously recording your video.

  • Email or DM your prospect with your video for an unforgettable introduction!

Web Platform: Create a Script to Pitch My Business

  • Click on the "New Script" button on the project page.

Enter your script's headline.

  • Click on the "AI Rewrite Button"

  1. Choose the size of your script

  2. Select your Brand Voice

  3. Choose the service "My Business Profile"

  • Enter in the text field information about your services. The more you enter, the more personalized the script becomes. But even a short sentence will be enough!

  • Click "Write new" to generate scripts

  • The AI Magic Writer will then generate three proposed scripts

  • As you hover over a script, the below icons will appear. Choose to delete a script, add it to your script box, or add it to your whiteboard!

Edit or add more AI Script to the script box. When you are satisfied with the script you:

  • Read & Record (1): Read your script from the teleprompter while recording

  • Read Only (2): Practice reading your script from the teleprompter without recording.

  • Live Stream (3): Read from the teleprompter while broadcasting live on social media.

  • Save (4): Change out of your pajamas and record your script when you're ready!

💡Pro Tip: After recording the business pitch, add your business card to the video, for an eye-catching way to share your contact details.

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