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How to Rewrite a Script with the AI Magic Writer
How to Rewrite a Script with the AI Magic Writer

Let AI Change your script to make it funny, witty, persuasive, marketing oriented or more professional!

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Use the BIGVU Magic AI Writer to improve your video script and change the tone of what you say. If you don't have a great sense of humor or aren't sure how to sound professional- we'll take care of your script to make you sound right on target!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The number of scripts you can generate depends on the type of plan.

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the Web platform (

How to Rewrite a Script using Magic AI Writer

  • Click on the "New Script" button on the project page

  • Enter your script headline in "Title of the script". This will be the name of your video project.

  • Click on the "AI Rewrite" Button

  • Choose the service "Rewrite" (1)

  • Choose the tone (2) in which you want the script to be written. The AI Rewrite will make your script sound persuasive, neutral, friendly, professional, witty, or marketing oriented.

  • Enter in the "Paragraph to rewrite" (3) field the text that you have already written. We'll use our magic to optimize the language and change the tone as you desire.

  • Click "Write new" (4)

  • The AI Magic Writer will then generate three proposed scripts

  • As you hover over a script, the below icons will appear. Choose to delete a script, add it to your script box, or add it to your whiteboard

    Edit or add more AI Script to the script box. When you are satisfied with the script:

  • Read & Record: Read your script from the teleprompter while recording (1)

  • Read Only: Practice reading your script from the teleprompter without recording (2)

    👀 Your microphone and camera will be off while you practice reading your script

  • Live Stream: Read from the teleprompter while broadcasting live on social media (3)

  • Save: Go change out of your pajamas and record your script when you're ready! (4)

    💡Pro Tip: Decide which tone you want your script to be in, based on the channel and audience you are looking to captivate. For a sales letter, you may want to sound professional, while for social media, you may want to be witty.

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