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The LinkedIn Sales Pitch Wizard
The LinkedIn Sales Pitch Wizard

Send a sales video email with a script based on your prospect's LinkedIn Profile. Make an unforgettable impression and get interest!

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Send a personal video that closes deals. Use the BIGVU Magic AI Writer to create a script for a sales pitch based on your prospect's experience and interests. The information is taken directly from their LinkedIn Profile! Email or message your sales prospects with an unforgettable video that gets them interested in your business!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The number of scripts you can generate depends on the type of plan.

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the BIGVU Web platform

How to Create a Script for a LinkedIn Sales Pitch on Web

Click on the "New Script" button on the project page

Enter your script headline: "Title of the script", This will be the name of your entire video project. Click on the "AI Rewrite Button"

  • Choose the service "LinkedIn Sales Pitch Wizard" (1)

  • Choose the type of tone (2) you want your script to be written in.

    💡 Pro Tip: Read through your prospect's LinkedIn. Do you think they would prefer a witty approach, or maybe they are the serious type and your pitch should be strictly professional? You choose!

  • Paste into the field "Target LinkedIn Profile Url"(3) the URL link of the LinkedIn profile of the person you will be addressing in your video (your sales target or prospect). In the example below I am trying to sell my services to "Jared Bush"

  • Add to the field "Your Company/Product Name "(4) the name of your company, or the product you're working on.

  • Enter in the "Tell us about your company/product" (5) field information about your services. The more you enter, the more personalized the script becomes. But even a short sentence will be enough!

  • Click "Write New" (6)

The AI Magic Writer will then generate three proposed scripts. As you hover over a script, the below icons will appear. Choose to delete a script, add it to your script box, or add it to your whiteboard.

Edit or add more AI scripts to the script box. When you are satisfied with the script,

  • Read & Record (1): Read your script from the teleprompter while recording.

  • Read Only (2): Practice reading your script from the teleprompter without recording.

    👀 Your microphone and camera will be off while you practice reading your script

  • Live Stream (3): Read from the teleprompter while broadcasting live on social media.

  • Save (4): Change out of your pajamas and record your script when you're ready!

💡Pro Tip: After recording the sales pitch, add your business card to the video, for an eye-catching way to share your contact details.

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