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How to write a Script with Tips using the AI Magic Writer
How to write a Script with Tips using the AI Magic Writer

Want to share some tips with your audience? Use our AI Magic Writer to instantly create awesome tips to share and show off your expertise!

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Out of ideas of what to say on video? Need help brainstorming ideas? Use the "Script with Tips" AI feature. The AI Magic Writer will generate 10 ideas for tips for you to speak about. Choose your favorite topic for tips and then generate a script !

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users. The number of scripts you can generate depends on the type of plan.

📶 Which devices support this feature? available on iOs mobile devices.

💡Enable Siri on your iOs mobile device to use speech-to-text in the AI Magic Writer. Instead of typing, just say a few words! Some of your screens may differ from the steps below.

How to Create a Script with Tips

Click on the "+" button on the bottom of your mobile device and choose "AI Magic Writer"

Choose "Script with Tips"

  • Enter Your Name (1). Click the "Next" (2) button to move to the following screen.

    👀: The name you enter will automatically update the name on your profile page

  • On the next screen, enter a general subject (3) that you would like your tips to cover. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you may enter "Buying and selling homes in Atlanta." Click "Next" (4) to generate topics for scripts

  • Ten options for topics for scripts will be generated. Click on the topic that you would like to speak about (5)

A script with tips about the topic you chose will be generated. Choose to edit or shoot it to the teleprompter to start recording your video!

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