Whiteboard: notes for your script

You can use the Whiteboard to save notes right next to your script.

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Do you use the same introduction for each script? Have some particularly important notes that you want a team member to notice before writing a script? Save frequently used scripts, introductions, calls to action, or notes on the whiteboard. The whiteboard is located right on the script page for easy access. Use the whiteboard to stay efficient in your scriptwriting.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all users

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the Web platform (desk.bigvu.tv)

Whiteboard Location

On the script page of your project, click on the "Whiteboard" Icon, situated to the left of the script box.

Write a note

Enter the headline and your text. Hit "Save"

Once saved, your note is added to the top of your notes in the Whiteboard section.

Manage your note

When you click on a note, the following three icons will appear. Choose to delete, add to Script, or edit.

If there is a script written in your Script section, your note will be added two lines below your Script

Add a note from the AI Script Writer

When using AI Magic Writer in your script screen, you can also directly add your results to your Whiteboard.

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