• BIGVU is both a web and mobile app (you can access both using the same email and password):

    • Premium users can upload any take recording with the BIGVU teleprompter app into desk.bigvu.tv

    • You can only upload files that are less than 1GB (depends on take length, quality and more) and under 9 minutes.

If you want to upload a take to the web after recording it in the app:

1. Open the relevant video.

2. Click on the take you want to upload and select Upload.

  • Once the upload is finished, you can then Change Background, Style Your Video or add Captions using  BIGVU Web

Where can I find my videos/projects?

  1. Go to desk.bigvu.tv

  2. Click on the 3 dots and then Edit to open your project.

  3. Click on the 3 dots to open all the options.

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