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How to create a video page? (Mobile)
How to create a video page? (Mobile)

Create BIGVU Pages video landing page using your BIGVU Mobile App.

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Using BIGVU Pages, you can create a stunning, professional-looking video page in minutes. Video pages allow visitors to watch your videos directly on the page, rather than having to click off to another platform. You can even change the colors, fonts, and images on the page to customize it to your liking.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to BIGVU premium users- Starter, AI Pro, and Teams accounts

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all platforms: IOS, Android, and Web App

View this article to learn how to create a video landing page on the Web App

Let’s learn how to build a video landing page using your mobile device.

Follow the steps below:

Choose a Video

To start, open your BIGVU App and select the Projects button (bottom left)

A list of all your projects will appear on the Projects page, (1) select a Video

Select the project you wish to work with and click on it to view its details. Pick the Take that you will use for your landing page.

  • After selecting the video, (2) tap on the share button and (3) choose "Message Video Page"

Create a Page

  • You will see a welcome screen with a short presentation video, (4) select "Create a page" to start the process

  • Write Page Text: In the first step of the page creation process, (5) enter your page Headline and Text body. Then, select Next

Select Page Button

  • Select the (6) Call to Action button you want to display on your Video Page

  • (7) Fill in the related information and hit Next (8)

Add a Logo and Publish

  • To add or change your Logo, (10) tap on the displayed logo and you will be able to (11) choose or upload another logo then, press "Save" (12)

  • Once done, (13) tap on Publish on the top right side to publish your page


Once finished, a copy of your BIGVU page will show up on the list of finished video pages.

  • You can access this screen in the (14) Profile icon on the bottom right

  • In the menu list, (15) select Pages to access your Video Pages

  • When you have displayed the list of your Pages, you can select one and access its menu in order to edit it

  • If you click in the menu on "Change Template" you will be able to Change the Template and edit your Template (logo/Call To Action button mainly) by clicking on the Setting icon

  • "Edit Page Content" allows you to edit the text of your page

  • You can preview your landing page by clicking on the page and selecting "View Page"

View your Page

👀 Note: If you already created a Page with a Video, click on "Video Page" in the Menu Video to view a list of all your video pages.

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