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What types of BIGVU interactions can I add?
What types of BIGVU interactions can I add?

How to add a tweet, an image, a quote, an action card or a poll to your video.

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Display interactions with your videos for viewers to swipe while watching.

You are able to add one or more interactions to each video in your collection: Images, tweets, quotes, action cards and polls.

Please note: When clicking an interaction, it will automatically open the editing screen for this interaction. It usually has a test button for the call to action links.

1. How to add an image

You can upload your own images by selecting the "Uploads" button from the left sidebar or choose a copy-rights-free image from Pixabay or the Library.

Select one of the options above, choose an image and click on the "Add" orange button or drag and drop the images to the interaction section on the left side of the screen.

After adding the images you can add a text using the text box "Preview text" and you recommended adding a call-to-action button. Write the visible name of the button on the text box under the word "button" and the link for this button under "Add link". Feel free to choose any button color you like.

You can also change the color of the content line (black or white text) at the bottom by clicking on "Dark" or "Light" under Theme.

2. How to add a tweet

Select the Tweets icon from the right side banner, search for the tweet requested in the search option and click on the "Add" button.

3. How to add a quote

Select the "Quote" icon, enter your quote and the author that created this quote. You can also change the color of the background.

4. How to add an action card

Click on the "Action" icon. Choose your company's logo and the call to action button from the list. You can upload more logos on the Branding page.

By choosing Branding, you will be transferred to a new screen. After uploading the logo, you will need to go into the collection manually (and see the new logo in the list).

5. How to add a poll

Click on the "Poll" icon. Insert your questions and up to 3 answers for your poll. When you are done click on "Add", on the right top corner of the poll editor.

You are able to see the results on the left side under "Results". Your viewers who answered your poll will also be able to see the results up to the moment they voted.

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