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Add an external video to a Video Page
Add an external video to a Video Page

Using personal media, import Videos and create your customized BIGVU Video Landing Page.

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Create your own BIGVU Landing Pages using your recorded or imported videos on your account.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to BIGVU premium users- Starter, AI Pro, and Teams accounts

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all platforms: IOS, Android, and Web App

Follow the steps below to learn how to turn your videos into a BIGVU Landing Page:

Import your Video

Click on the (1) Import Video—Add Captions or (2) Import Video—Replace Green Screen button depending on what you need and select the video from your device:

After selecting the video, choose the Language of the captions

Once selected, click on Select

  • Once your video is imported, you will get a popup

  • Click on Edit Video and it will open the Video Maker for you to continue editing your video

Create a Video Page

After importing or recording your video, you can now create a Video Page

View this article for a detailed guide on how to create a Video Page

  • If your video is a Script Project, (1) click on the "3 dots menu" and then, (2) select "Edit" in the menu

  • Then click on the 3-dots menu of the take and (3) select Message Video Page

  • If your video is a Video Maker Project (1) ( a video that has already been styled) click on the 3-dots menu of the Project and scroll down to select Video Page (2)

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