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Web Sequencer: Merge Video Takes

Use the video sequencer to assemble your video recordings into one cohesive video. Combine several videos clips with ease.

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Want to cut embarrassing bloopers from your video? Did you create several videos that you want to join together? Use the BIGVU video sequencer to combine several takes into one video and feel like a pro video editor, with this easy and intuitive tool.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to users in the Starter, Pro, or Teams accounts

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on the BIGVU web platform- on any web browser

Sequencer Location

Access the sequencer from the main project page. Click on the three dots (1) under the script project from which you will be creating your final video. Choose the edit (2) option from the dropdown menu to launch the video maker and sequencer.

Edit Video Takes in the Sequencer

💡When should you use the sequencer? Let's say you stumbled on your words and want to record just that part of the video again. Or maybe it's easier for you to record your video over several takes. Using the sequencer allows you to cut out the parts you don't like and combine several videos or takes.

In your script project, choose the video take you want to edit by clicking on three dots in the title (1). You can add new and additional takes by clicking the "New Take" button on the right-hand side of the header.

Easily trim the video, replace the background, use the editor for styling, choose the thumbnail, or delete it.

Once your take is ready to be added to the video, click on the "add to sequence button" (2)

Upload a video to the sequencer

You can combine external videos into the sequencer. Click on the "Upload" icon (3) on the top right-hand side of the header.

❗ To upload a video that is not part of this project into the sequence, it must first be added to the upload library. You can track all your uploaded videos in the "My Uploads" tab.

Your upload library will appear. Choose the video you would like to add to the sequencer by dragging the video to the desired location in the sequencer (4)

Organize your takes

After adding all the video recordings that will be part of your video to the sequencer, it's time to organize them! Drag and drop to rearrange the video takes in the order you would like them to appear in your video.

Sequencer Screen

Play all (1): View your final video before the final creation

Length (2): See the total amount of time for your entire video

Time of Sequence (3): The amount of time allotted to that video take
Remove a take (4): Press the three buttons on the bar of the video clip and choose to delete

Combine your video takes

Congrats! All your video takes are done to your satisfaction and in order. All that's left is to click on the "Create Video" (1) button to join them into one video.

👀 Your new video will appear as the latest take (2) in your project. In this example, the new video that combines all the takes in the sequencer is "Take 5"

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