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Get Inspired - The BIGVU Video Feed
Get Inspired - The BIGVU Video Feed

Share your video in the BIGVU app to reach an audience of millions!

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The Get Inspired video feed is a great way to show your video to the BIGVU community. Anyone can share their content on Get Inspired with millions of other BIGVU users.

We hope you inspire others with your incredible content!

Mobile App- Share your Video

Go to Projects Screen and select the Project and the take you want to share

  • Tap on your take to access the Video menu, then select (1) Share button at the bottom

  • Here you can tap on (2)Post on BIGVU Inspire

Once the Get Inspired screen opens, you can see at the top your shared video- and so can the BIGVU Community

Web- Share your Video

On the, access your projects, and open the relevant video

  • Click on the click on the 3 dots menu (1), and choose Edit (2)

The Take Screen opens. Now, select the desired take by clicking the three-dot menu located beneath its name.

When the popup opens, select "Post on BIGVU Inspire" on the right side of the window

Locate Get Inspired Feed (Mobile)

You can access the Get Inspired Screen directly from the main screen of your App, by (1) tapping on the "light bulb" icon at the bottom of your Project screen and pressing (2) See more to see the BIGVU feed

💡You will also find on this screen the next BIGVU Workshops, Video Tutorials, and last Blog posts and podcasts.

Delete videos on BIGVU Inspire

In the Get Inspired Screen, if you shared a video you can (1) click on the 3-dots menu and simply select (2) "Remove Video from Feed"

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