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The BIGVU Mobile Application
The BIGVU Mobile Application

How to use the BIGVU application on an iOS device

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The BIGVU Teleprompter enables you to be a confident presenter anytime and anywhere.

You can achieve this on the go using the BIGVU mobile application.

Let’s walk through some excellent app features that you can use in developing engaging videos.

The first you will see upon opening the app would be the Welcome Screen.

On the bottom area, you will find the Tap Bar, which can help you navigate between the Projects Screen, Subscription Screen, the Plus Button, the Get Inspired, and the Profile Menu.

Projects Screen

The Projects Screen is a part of the interface where you can quickly scroll through all of your published and unpublished recordings.

Subscription Screen

The Subscription Screen is the section where you can find additional information on plans and subscriptions.

Plus Button

The Plus Button, with one tap of the finger, launches the Script Screen, the Import Button, and the Record button.

Get Inspired

The Get Inspired screen enables users to navigate to the BIGVU Collections to get inspiration, where one can learn helpful tips and tricks for developing stunning videos.

Profile Menu

The Profile Menu displays the primary settings for managing your subscription. The screens are slightly different for iOS and Android Versions but the content is the same:

iOS Screen:

> My Subscription
This displays the type of subscription you are signed up to.

> Business Information
This displays your Business Card and the design tools you can use to set this up.

> Notifications - Push Messages & Emails
This displays settings that you can manage to help you set up a system for tracking which videos are ready to view, posted on social media, or saved to a collection.
This section also features Tips and News to update you with the latest offers, information, and system best practices that aid you to enjoy a better user experience.
You can also track Video Page analytics and Social Media analytics using this shortcut.

> Social Channels - Links
This enables you to view all Social Media accounts you have linked to BIGVU.

> Teleprompter Settings
This enables you to set up advanced features for configuring the Teleprompter set-up such as Camera settings, wordsper minute, text position, and more.
You can learn more about Teleprompter settings here.

> Pages - Video Landing Pages
This feature provides access to your published video pages.

> Live Workshops
This feature updates you on the latest enrichment sessions with our panel of experts to boost your confidence and help you become a self-assured presenter

> Support
This feature highlights some of the most common features of BIGVU and it contains the link to customer support.

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This takes the user to the BIGVU learning page

> Invite Friends
This enables you to share and recommend BIGVU to your friends and family

> My Uploads
Opening this will lead you to the uploads screen where you can view and manage all of your media assets

> Join as an Expert
Opening this will link subject matter experts to reach out to BIGVU and join a community of influencers united in sharing their professional experience to a wider audience

> Logout
This option enables users to exit the BIGVU application

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