The Whiteboard is a feature available in all scripts in your workspace. You can use it to save an introduction, frequently used sections, or a draft that can be refined for future scripts.

Steps to use the Whiteboard

1. Open your account at http://desk.bigvu.tv. Create a new script or enter notes in an existing project.

  • Create a new Script: click on "New Script - Script Editor, Teleprompter, Live"

  • Access your script in an existing project: Select "Projects" in the left menu of your desk app. Find the relevant script project.

    Group 1386.png

    • Click on the 3-dot menu of your Script Project and select: "Edit".

    Script menu.png

    • In the Project menu, click the "Script" button at the top right to enter your script

2. To add a note in your Whiteboard, in the Script screen: Clkick "Whiteboard" on the left of your Script screen.

3. Add a Note: Enter a headline and your text. Hit "Save"

4. Once saved, your note is added to the top of your notes in the Whiteboard section.

5. For each Whiteboard Note you have 3 icons to manage your note. You can Delete it, Add to Script (if there is a script written in your Script section, your note will be added two lines below your Script)

Note: When using AI Magic Writer in your script screen, you can also directly add your results to your Whiteboard.

--> To further understand how to use the AI Magic Writer to help you to write your scripts, please read this article: How to create your Script in 10 seconds with AI Magic Writer on the BIGVU WEB App ?

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