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WordTrim allows you to trim your videos using the words of the transcript!

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Want to cut that unwanted fumbling, sneezing, or awkward silence from your video? The video is perfect, but do you want to trim a little bit of the start and end parts?

If you have nightmares from using sliders to find the perfect second to cut- It's time to wake up from your bad dream!

BIGVU's WordTrim enables you to trim your videos based on the words in the transcript of the video. Read on!

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to Starter, AI Pro, and Team Pro Plans

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on iOS, Android, and Web

💡Trim your video by words or time codes with the Finetune option

Choose a Video

First access your project from the main project page. Then, choose the relevant take that you would like to trim.

Trim Choices

In the Video Menu, to use Trim you have 2 choices: "Cue Start/End" or "Trim Video"

  • Cue Start/End - Automatically trim from the first word you spoke until the last.

  • Trim Video - Manually select the words or time codes on which part you'd like to trim the video

Cue Start/End

The entire caption is already selected, you can directly hit Create Copy to save your trimmed video

Trim Video

Tap on the first word you want your video take to start with and select Start (1) and then choose the word you want your video take to end with and select End (2)

👀 It will cut out everything in the beginning until the first word is spoken and the same with the last word and ending

  • When you choose the word to start/end WordTrim will start a preview from/until that word so you can make sure it starts/ends at exactly the right time.

  • You can also change the words chosen by clicking on a new word to start or end with.

💡 You can also trim parts of your video that you want to keep and create a new version to edit or share on your social media channels

⚠️ Trimming parts that you want to remove from your video is not possible at this time

6. Once you choose the first and last words for your new copy, two options will appear:


If the words weren't accurate enough, and you want to fine-tune the start/endpoint

  • Minor changes - "Start & End" ➡️ If the goal is to simply adjust slightly the start and endpoints. You will have two lines on the screen, representing the start and end cut points and 6 seconds before and after them.

    Moving the bar on the top line will let you fine-tune the new start of your video, and the lower line at the end.

  • Major changes - "Full Video" ➡️ If you want to completely change the start and end, and not just fine-tune it, you can use 'Full Video' mode, which behaves like a classic trimmer, using a video timeline.

Create copy

This will generate the new video take with the selected words, without harming the original take.

Once trimmed and satisfied, you can now continue styling your video on the app

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