Finetune in WordTrim: Mobile App

Get an even more accurate cut of your video after using WordTrim

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First, Trim your video using WordTrim.

If the words weren't accurate enough, and you want to fine-tune the start and endpoint:

  • Minor changes - "Start & End" ➡️ If the goal is to simply adjust the start and endpoints. You will have two lines on the screen, representing the start and end cut points and 6 seconds before and after them.

    Moving the bar on the top line will let you fine-tune the new start of your video, and the lower line at the end.

  • Major changes - "Full Video" ➡️ If you want to completely change the start and end, and not just fine-tune it, you can use 'Full Video' mode, which behaves like a classic trimmer, using a video timeline.

Create copy

Go back to save and click on the Create Copy green button to apply the changes. This will generate the new video take with the selected words, without harming the original take.


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