Share Your Video To TikTok (Mobile)

Easily upload and export videos you have created on BIGVU to your TikTok account.

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Unlike other social networks, TikTok currently does not allow posting live from other apps, only drafts. After, exporting the video from BIGVU, you will need to finish the process on TikTok

View this article to learn how to share your video to TikTok from the Web

Choose a Video

  • Open your BIGVU App, go to Projects, and (1) choose the Video you want to Post on TikTok

  • Once you selected your Video, in the video Menu (2) select "Post on Social Channels"

You can choose the (3) Social Channels you want to post in. To share on TikTok, tap on the TikTok icon and select (4) Write Post to continue

When you click on (5) Post Now, the video will be uploaded to TikTok as a draft and in order to share it as a live post you will do it from TikTok App.

As mentioned, the video will only appear on TikTok as a draft, so you'll be able to add text to your Post only on TikTok.

TikTok App

  • Go to the inbox in TikTok by (2) clicking the Inbox icon in the bottom menu.

  • There will be a message saying that the video has been uploaded and is ready. (2) Click on that message

👀 If you can't find the message, you can filter your inbox and choose only "From TikTok" and there you will see that message

Now from here, you can add to Your Story or click on (2) Next in order to edit, save as Draft, and Post your video (4)

If you add to Your Story or Post, your post should now be live. Nice Job! 🎉

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