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How to link your social media accounts to BIGVU on iOS
How to link your social media accounts to BIGVU on iOS
Use your iOS device to link your Social media accounts to BIGVU and Share your videos in all your Social Channels in few clicks!⚡️
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It is important to link your Social Channels to BIGVU, so that you can publish directly from the Application and Share your video on several Social Medias at the same time😎

1. Go to the Profile page by clicking profile icon at the bottom right (1) and select “Social Channels” (2).

2. Select a Social Media you want to link to BIGVU to share your videos and follow the instructions. You must authorize BIGVU to access your network and enter your user ID.

--> For example on Facebook, you need to choose if you want to connect to your Facebook Profile, and/or Facebook Pages and/or Groups. Then you need to enter your login details.

--> You have successfully linked your Social media account to BIGVU! 🎯

Once the channels are connected, they appear at the top of the screen in a new section.

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