Will my BIGVU Pages project be saved automatically?

Autosave BIGVU Pages

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Work on your project seamlessly and find it automatically saved whenever you create your landing page using BIGVU pages. Just work as usual and find your work autosaved in the system.

I/ To check if your Video Page is online and correctly saved on the BIGVU Web App:

1. Go to the desktop page and login.

2. Navigate to the left pane and click on Pages (1). Then all the Video Pages list appears and you can click on the 3-dots button menu to "View Page" (2) it will open a new tab with the view of your Video Page.

You can even in the same menu click on "Copy URL" (2) if you prefer to keep the link. You can also copy the link of your Page directly in the line of your Page by clicking on the same icon (3).

If you want to edit the the text or the other fields like logo, Call to Action button and footer, please consult this relevant FAQ: How to create a Video Page on the Web?

II/ To check if your Video Page is online and correctly saved on the BIGVU Mobile App:

1. Go into your Mobile App to the Pages List where you will be able to see all your online video pages. You can access this screen by clicking in 'Profile' icon (1) -->and then on 'Pages' (2)

All your Pages list will be display with the last one created on the top.

2. When you have displayed all the list of your Pages, you can select one and access to its menu by clicking on the 3-dots menu. Here you will be able to "Copy URL" to check or keep the link and to "View page" online.

In order to edit your video Page from your mobile App please follow the steps in this FAQ article: How to create a Video page on Mobile App (iOS or Android)?

Here is an example of a Video Page online with all the possible fields. Indeed you will find your Headline & text body (1), your Logo (2) , Call To Action button (3) and Footer (4).

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