How to create a video page on the Web?
Steps for creating your video landing page using BIGVU Pages
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After creating a video you can make a video page for any of your videos:

2. On the Click the "3 dots menu" in the Script Project or directly in the Project screen for Video Maker Project select Video Page.

3. In the first step of the page creation process, you can enter your page Headline- H1 (1) and Text body (2). It will appear below or next to your video depending on the Template chosen.

4. Publish your video page. If you want to view your BIGVU Page, simply click the Preview button.

  • Please notice: Only after publishing, you will be able to see your logo, the call-to-action buttons and your business information that you've added on the page settings.

5. In your Preview or Published Page you will find your Headline & text body (1) you wrote in the previous step and also all the information you can Edit in 'Edit Template' Section in your Page Screen: Logo (2) , Call To Action button (3) and Footer (4).

6. You can access to all your Pages by clicking on "Pages" in the left menu (1).

  • You can manage your Page by clicking on the "3 dots" on the line of the selected Page (2) [in this menu you can edit your text displayed on your Page by clicking 'Edit'].

  • You can customize your BIGVU Page by selecting 'Edit Templates' on the top right of your Page screen (3). You will be able to change your Template, edit your Logo, edit your Call To Action button, your Text & Fonts of your displayed text and the Footer.

Important: All pages using the same template will share the same settings.

Therefore, if you will edit the settings of one template, all pages using the same template will also be changed.

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