How to add a thumbnail to my video?

Add a customized thumbnail to your BIGVU videos, upload it or create it with "Thumbnail Editor" BIGVU feature

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There are two main ways to add a Thumbnail, either upload a Thumbnail from your computer or create a Thumbnail with the BIGVU "Thumbnail Editor" feature.

I/ Upload a Thumbnail

1. Go to

2. Open the relevant video.

A. If your video is in an unedited project mode (can contain a few takes):

  • Click on the 3-dots menu and a popup appears with all options you can do

3. You can select "Edit Thumbnail" to change the picture will appear as a Thumbnail for your video.

B. If your video is in an edited video mode:

  • Click on the 3 dots (on the project screen) and select Upload Thumbnail.

II/ Create a Thumbnail with "Thumbnail Editor"

You can create a Thumbnail only for edited video mode, result from Video Maker editing feature (to learn more about our editing feature, please read this article about Video Maker feature)

1. Go to

2. Click on the 3 dots (on the project screen) and select Thumbnail Editor.

Here are the 5 steps to create a thumbnail:

Step 1) Select template:

You can select the template you want for your Thumbnail, once done, click 'Next'

Step 2) Select Colors

By clicking "Next" in the previous step, when it is a template without a background, the feature removes automatically the background from your current thumbnail. If you don't like it or the scale doesn't match, don't worry, you will be able to change it in the 4th step: 'Edit' .

Meanwhile, in this step (2) , you can choose the colors you want for your Template.

Step 3) Portrait frame

At this step, you can upload another thumbnail profile picture from your computer. Also here you will find the already uploaded Thumbnails from your Uploads with type "Thumbnail" tagged. If the current Thumbnail

Step 4) Edit

In this step, you can edit the size and orientation of the thumbnail, add a logo, and move or edit all the elements of the screen including the displayed texts.

Step 5) Last Step: Create!

Here you can check the result of your Thumbnail, if necessary you can go to the previous steps or if it suits you, you can Save your Thumbnail.

Then your Thumbnail will show up in the Projects screen and you can share it by selecting "Share Link", the window opens your video in a new tab with different options at the bottom of the Video. One of the option is to Copy Thumbnail in order to paste it into an email for example.

Here the result when we paste The Thumbnail into an email:

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