With BIGVU Composer, you can edit your video with your brand & style, add visuals to your video, background music, business card, logo and intros&outros.

Steps to take before going into Composer for the first time:

1. Add your logo to your assets under the "Branding" tab.

2. Business details - Enter your business information under your profile. This way you will be able to create your own business card.

How to open BIGVU's Composer:

1. Select a video that you want to edit, click on the 3 dots and choose Edit.

2. Choose the take that you want to edit, click on the 3 dots and choose Open in Composer.

  • Note: Opening Composer will automatically add captions to your video and divide it into segments/scenes. Choose the language of your captions and wait while it generates. Refresh the page to make sure the captions were generated.

Composer Functions:

Left sidebar options: Style, Library, Uploads, Tweets, Pixabay.

1. Style:

  • Aspect Ratio - you can crop your video or resize it into Vertical, Horizontal, or Square.

  • Intro&Outro - add a business card at the beginning or at the end of the video or add your own video to use it as an intro or an outro.

  • Video Theme - Choose the theme for your captions.

  • Music - add copyrights free background music to your video or upload your own.

2. Add visuals to your video (Library, Uploads, Tweets, Pixabay)

Add visuals using your own photos and videos, drag&drop them to use in your video. You can also add Tweets or use the BIGVU library and Pixabay (A copyright free shared library) and add photos and videos to your video.

Right side: Segments/ Scene Editor

Edit captions: You can edit the text, highlight keywords by clicking on the text in each scene. You can also play every scene separately or play the whole video.

Bottom of the screen: Layout, logo, effects.

  • Logo - Click on Select under the Logo option to insert it in the video.

  • Effects - add a zoom out effect to your scenes.

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