Teleprompter Effects (Mobile)

Use face filters to remove blemishes and wrinkles, whiten your teeth, reshape your face, soften your nose and add soft lighting.

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While recording a video or live streaming your video with the BIGVU Teleprompter App, enhance your appearance with a tap. The filters are like your personal makeup artist.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to all BIGVU users

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all devices.

However, your device must have over 4GB RAM.

Follow these steps:

Open Teleprompter

Open your BIGVU App and (1) press the blue button in the bottom center. It will then give you the option to create a project. You can choose from (2) Record No Script which will allow you to record freely without a script, or (3) New Script to record using your script.

Locate Effects

Once you open the teleprompter, you will immediately see the effects feature in line with the other settings. Tap on Effects (4) to bring up the elements (5) you can use.

There are five elements to choose from:

Click on the link to learn more about each of the elements

💡You must set the effects before pressing the record button. Use the slider to set the filter to your liking.


  • The skin-smoothing effect will help give your skin an instant touch-up. By blurring the texture, they smooth and blur the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also brightens the overall tone of your skin, making it look even and well-lit.


  • This teeth effect will whiten your teeth. Use the slider to whiten your teeth and feel confident speaking close to the camera.


  • The face-reshaping effect is a great way to adjust the contours of your face without taking any drastic measures! In a few simple steps, this effect can help define and reshape facial features in a natural-looking way


  • This effect will help you reshape and contour your nose, allowing you to achieve the perfect shape with just a few taps


  • This effect will give you soft, flawless lighting that highlights your best angles, and gives you a beautiful glow while recording

I can't find the face filter effects?

If the effects button is not showing on your teleprompter settings, please check if your phone is equipped with over 4GB RAM.

If it is and you still do not see the effects, you may need to change your camera engine settings to resolve it

Teleprompter Settings

There are two ways to go to the teleprompter settings:

  • Open the teleprompter and (1) tap on the gear icon on the top right side

  • Or: Go to your Profile by pressing the human icon on the bottom right and then,

    (2) tap on the Teleprompter Settings in the menu list

Switch Engine

  • Under Settings, tap Engine

  • Once the Engine window opens, select Effects and it should resolve the issue

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