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Getting Started with Video Landing Pages
Getting Started with Video Landing Pages

Create a branded video landing page and build a relationship by sharing a personalized video link

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BIGVU Pages is the perfect way to send videos, brand and personalize your message, and engage your prospects or followers in a conversation.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to BIGVU premium users- Starter, AI Pro, and Teams accounts

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all platforms: IOS, Android, and Web App

Make a branded landing page for any video created with BIGVU and send the link to your audience via mail or landing page.

What can I do with BIGVU pages?

  • Create personal connections: Brand and personalize your message

  • Conversational Engagement: Email, text, or copy your video link and send it to your followers on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Slack, or other social media accounts

  • Track the activity: See who watched your video and get immediate replies through email, call, or message according to your chosen Call to Action button


Here is an example of a preview of a Video Page with (1) a headline & text body, Logo (2), Footer with contact info and Social Links (3), and Call To Action button (4). There are four different templates to choose from.

🖥️ View this article to learn how to create a video page on the Web

📱 View this article to learn how to create a video page from your mobile device


  • In the Web App , click in the left Pane on "Pages" (1) and then you will be able to access all your video landing pages

  • In the middle, you will see your page statistics (2), and a (3) menu to edit, share, or delete mainly your page

Video Page Analytics

Mobile App

  • Login to your App, (1) click the Profile icon in the bottom bar, and then (2) select "Pages" and the list of your pages will appear

  • For each Page, you can access the menu to edit, share, or delete, by pressing the 3-dots menu to the right of the preview thumbnail.

💡 Use-case:

💬 In sales, it is always hard to get people's attention

🤓 To stand out, you can record yourself, personalize your message, and send it

to your clients via text messages or email.

👀 Normally, you would have no way of knowing who saw your video, and who

might be interested. but, with BIGVU pages, all of this information is readily

available to you: you can track traffic and views of your video and get instant replies from viewers 💯

💲 View this article to get more tips on how to leverage your video pages


🤓 Common Video Pages Questions 💭

What plan is BIGVU Pages available in?

Free users can create one BIGVU page on their user account. They are enabled to use only one template.

Starter Plan, AI Pro Plan, and Team Pro Plan subscribers can create as many BIGVU pages as they need.

Subscribers have access to all BIGVU Page templates in the system

For more details about pricing, click here

💭 Web hosting for my BIGVU Page?

Yes. The BIGVU Pages feature comes out of the box with the Starter Plan, AI Pro, and Team Pro Plan

👀 For FREE users, BIGVU provides limited cloud space to upload videos and create video pages on the iOS platform only.

📢 Note: Today, FREE users using other platform than iOS cannot upload to BIGVU Cloud.

Each subscription comes with a cloud workspace allotment that is also used to store data for your landing page.

💭 Maximum video size uploadable to my BIGVU Page?

You can upload your videos to your BIGVU Page. The maximum video size you can upload depends on your plan subscription.

Starter Plan get up to 9 minutes of video and AI Pro and Team Pro Plan subscribers (Individuals or Teams) get up to 59 minutes of video.

💭 Can I use my own domain for my video pages?

Yes, the BIGVU landing page typically starts with But you can modify and change this to adopt your domain using a CNAME

👀 Note: Using your own domain for BIGVU pages is available only on AI Pro and Team Pro Plan at this time. View this article to learn more

💭 Will my BIGVU Pages project be saved automatically?

Yes, it automatically saves whenever you create your landing page using BIGVU pages. Just work as usual and find your work auto-saved in the system.

To learn how to access your Video Pages, click here

💭 Can I change my video page URL?

Yes, you can change the prefix of your page URL

For a more detailed guide, click here on how to change your URL on the web or from your mobile device

💭 Can I optimize my BIGVU Page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes! You can set up on your BIGVU Page a feature that will enable you to type in relevant text that can assist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

View this article to learn more

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