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What is an Interactive Video and how it can reach more audience?
What is an Interactive Video and how it can reach more audience?

Interactive Video in a new kind of videos that allow the user to interact while watching the video!

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An Interactive Video is a Video with some interactions at the side related to the Video.

Look how it looks like:

What are the benefits to create an Interactive Video?

  1. It's a new type of videos by adding interactions for the person watching the video!

  2. Interactivity will engage your audience and allow them to be proactive while watching the video

  3. Because each Interactive Video is published into a Video Page, you can share it as you want and you can get Pages Analytics to know your video success and user clicks!

  4. For the users whoo has a website, you have two possibility to add your Interactive Video into your Website with the embed link:

    1. Or by embedding your Interactive Video directly in a web page

    2. Or by adding your Interactive Video as a Widget, we partenered with, so you will be able to add it very easily --> Please check this FAQ article: How to add my Interactive Video Widget to my website?

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