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Choose Video Landing Page Template
Choose Video Landing Page Template

Change the appearance and layout of your video page on the mobile app.

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Each video landing page is connected to a certain template. This defines the page layout—where the video, text, and other page elements are. Keep reading to learn how to change the Video Page template in your mobile app and on the web app.

👥 Who can access this feature? Available to BIGVU premium users: Starter, AI Pro, and Teams accounts. Free accounts can create up to one video page using the CTA template.

📶 Which devices support this feature? Available on all platforms: IOS, Android, and Web App

Mobile Apps: iOS and Android

  • Access your Pages List screen by (1) selecting your Profile icon

  • On your Profile, look for (2) Pages and tap on it, All your pages will be displayed, with the last one created on the top

  • On your Video Pages section, (3) click on the 3-dots menu of the selected page and then (4) select "Change Template"

  • (5) Select the template you wish to use

  • Click Done (6) to save your changes in the system

  • To edit your template, you need to go to the Pages list screen (1)

  • Select the page you want to edit and (2) click the three dots on the far right side

  • On the dropdown options, (3) choose Change Template

  • (4) Select the template you want to use

  • Once finished, (5) click Save to apply your changes

View this article to learn how to edit your Landing Page Template settings

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