You can modify the settings of your BIGVU Page Template by editing your BIGVU Page Template.

Using this feature, you can easily change the style of your BIGVU page by customizing colors, font styles, call-to-action buttons, and social media links.

1. Go to and click Pages (1).

Navigate to the upper right pane and click “Edit Templates (2)

The “Edit Templates” page will open.

You will find 4 Template designs with 4 settings per template: Color Palette, Logo and Background, Text and Fonts, and Footer Settings.

2. Select the template you need to configure and edit.

Important: All pages using the same template will share the same settings.

Therefore, when you edit the settings of one template, all pages using the same template will also be changed.

3. You can reconfigure the Color palette, Logo & Background, Call to action buttons, Footer, Social Media links, and you can also upload branding elements such as your company logo as you move down the "Edit Templates" page.

Let’s take a look of all fields.

a) Template Color Palette Settings

Using Template color settings, you can change the color of the Call-To-Action button on the page header.

b) Logo and Background Settings

Using the Logo and Background Settings, you can modify the background of your video page and add your Company logo.

c) Text and Fonts Style Settings

Using the Text and Fonts Style settings, you can edit the font style and font color of your BIGVU page.

Note: Advanced branding options such as the setting of font style and font color can only be accessible on the web application.

d) Call to Action Button Settings

Using this feature, you can change the appearance of the Call-To-Action button on your BIGVU Page Footer.

Place the link of the webpage you want to identify with the button or the relevant contact information related to the Call to Action chosen.

e) BIGVU Page Footer Settings

Using the Page Footer Settings, you can customize your contact details.

As you edit your BIGVU Page Template, click Save when prompted to retain the changes you made to your landing page.

To view the changes you made to your BIGVU Page, click the back button.

Go to 3-dots Page Menu and select the View Page option.

A window will open to show you the final look of your landing page.

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